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Documents are a very crucial part while you are traveling. Especially, if you are traveling abroad. In such circumstances, it is very important to keep a check on your documents and money. So, here are some best travel neck wallets that are very helpful during travel and keep your stuff safe. These wallets are present in different colors. These useful wallets have remarkable features that meet the users need.

These features include many compartments and zipped pockets with RFID blocking. Moisture free material keep the documents safe. It allows the user to have a comfortable journey. Use this wallet in traveling abroad or either on a bus trip. Its flexible fastening straps and slim design make it easy for the user to hang it around the neck.

Best travel neck wallet comparison table

There are many kinds of wallets available in the market. So, it becomes difficult for the user to select the item. In such a case, our research will help you to choose the best product and will save your time. We will give you a review on 10 best travel neck wallets. This will make it easier for you to select the product of your choice.

Our search will save your time and I am sure that it will be satisfactory for you. We have reviewed on 10 best neck wallets below. We also focused on their amazing features. RFID blocking, pockets, colors, and material used are among these. So let’s have a look.

1. Travel neck pouch or neck wallet with RFID blocking

Travel neck pouch or neck wallet with RFID blocking

A travel neck wallet is a perfect document holder while you are traveling. It is a big problem to keep a check on your important documents during traveling to other countries. But, with this wallet now you will feel comfortable. It is especially for international travel.

You don’t need to find the documents again and again from your pouch. It has many pockets that help you to keep things organized and in place. So, now you can find them when there is a need.

One amazing and most interesting feature is its RFID blocking. It is a shield that protects the documents from unwanted scans. Thus keeps your cards and documents safe. Its slim design can keep you safe from pickpockets. Now you can hide this wallet under your clothes and can travel anywhere. Its velcro closure patch and ID window pocket makes it easy for you to keep boarding passes organized.

One more thing, it has flexible straps, with adjustable hooks and loop fastening. It is 5.5 inches long and 8 inches wide. We assure you that you will never regret buying this wallet. It will be with you in almost lifetime trips.

Because it contains a standard quality material, so this material will help to protect the wallet from rips and tears. The look will always remain like a new one. It can stand the test of time. This travel wallet is available in different colors like grey, brown, black, skin, and green.

  • It is comfortable and secure
  • A useful travel accessory
  • It has a lightweight
  • It can keep the documents safe from moisture.
  • Straps are not so long
  • The material is thin and fragile
  • It’s too large to carry around the neck

2. Lewis N. Clark RFID Blocking Stash Wallet

This neck wallet is a wallet with fascinating features. This makes your journey safe and comfortable. Now, you can move around in the crowded places with the best pouch that can keep your  money safe and can hide it from the stealers. Its RFID blocking keeps documents safe from unwanted scanning. Its slim design is compatible for both men and women and is present in many formal and beautiful colors.

The special travel dry technology keeps the moisture away and protects the papers from shrinking or any loss. Its moisture free technology enables it to show resistance to moisture, odors and shrinking. Multiple compartments of the wallet helps you to keep the things organized. Ripstop nylon makes it more durable and keeps the wallet safe from wearing and tearing. Thus, it can stand the test of time and will never look like an old one. That means it’s worth buying it. Its various compartments with mesh pocket and a window ID pocket allows you to store your credit cards and passports. It also allows you to store electronics like a mobile phone device and much more.

This wallet is to store many valuables and keep you safe from the electronic thieves. Pickpocketing is another issue but with this wallet feel the ease. You can hide this wallet inside your clothes thus keep yourself safe from stealers and enjoy the trip.

  • very soft and secure
  • it is comfortable to carry around the neck
  • best organizer for the documents
  • its a bit tight
  • it is flimsy

3. Zero Grid neck wallet with RFID blocking

Now let’s talk bout another best neck wallet with amazing bonuses and offers that will grab your attention. The zero grid neck wallet can conceal your cash, passport, and credit cards from thieves. RFID blocking ensures great safety as it protects from unwanted scanning. Thus, it saves you from electronic thieves. It includes 7 RFID blocking sleeves.

Multiple compartments with three zippered pockets ensure safety as well as keep your valuables in place. It is heat as well as water-resistant and thus protects your documents from moisture. It is resistant to wear and tear. Its slim design allows you to conceal it beneath the clothes and thus have a comfortable trip. Its light weighted and slim design allows you to wear it around the neck

Let’s talk about zero grid unique offers. The first one is 300$ trip assurance. For example, if you lost your items from this wallet or someone has stolen your valuables in an event or on a trip then the company will repay you up to 300$.

The second offer they are providing is, as it contains two recovery tags from the “Return Me” the world largest lost and found company. So, stick these tags to your valuables like phones and cameras and their 24/7 call service will help return lost items from anywhere in the world. By purchasing this wallet you will get this service for free.

It is a useful product for safe international travel and you will find it helpful in almost all types of travel. Either, it is an international travel by plane or a local travel by bus or train. This comfortable, secure, and pickpocket-proof wallet will never let you feel insecure about your items and valuables.

  • perfect for passport and credit cards
  • soft and light
  • superb quality
  • perfect shape and design
  • it has loose threads which keep appearing by sides
  • pockets are too large
  • Usually, the pros outweigh the cons.

4. Passport holder by YOMO.RFID safe

It is an amazing passport holder by YOMO that keeps the documents safe. Honestly, it’s a problem keeping secure your crucial documents. Even you cannot enjoy the trip because you become worried about your documents and feel insecure. But with this wallet, you will never be anxious. Just put your cards in it and feel relax. Now move around and enjoy the trip.

It has RFID blocking protecting you from unwanted scanning and helps in keeping you safe from the electronic thieves. It offers lab-tested protection that keeps you safe from tricky RFID readers.

Stay away from pickpocketers just by hiding the wallet under your clothes. Its slim design will allow you to hide it beneath your shirts and thus saving you from the ones who want to snatch your money and valuables.

It has five pockets that helps in keeping the cards and documents organized and keep you away from a mess. Now there is no fear of losing the stuff because there is much space in this pouch or wallet. Just go and grab it and have great fun during your travel. The company is offering discount offers for buying it. So buy it and save more. Even have some purchases for your family too. Brand is offering discounts!

It is comfortable, secure, and durable. Its features allow you to get a peace of mind. Don’t worry. If you will not found it helpful the company is giving you 100 percent money back guarantee. So either love it or leave it. Now it’s your choice. Its skin soft neck string will never disturb you and you can easily hang it around the neck. It is soft and smooth. It is slim but spacious enough to have your valuables as well as cards and documents.

  • it is best passport holder ever
  • it is comfortable and excellently designed
  • it has a perfect and outstanding quality
  • Not much secure
  • Have very large pockets.

5. Peak Gear Neck wallet and hidden Passport holder

With its availability in different colors, this neck wallet is by Peak Gear. This brand is ensuring safety with a bonus offer. You can keep the cash and other valuables safe and in place. You will just stop worrying about your stuff after buying it. It is more comfortable with soft straps that are user friendly and will not irritate you while hanging it around the neck.

Use this wallet for keeping the documents that you need frequently. It is best and secure for keeping the boarding passes and will keep you safe from the thieves. It contains RFID blocking that will protect you from the electronic thieves and will not allow unwanted scanning. It keeps things organized and you can mask it under the clothes. So just be safe from the pick-pocketers and enjoy the trips.

The company is offering you a bonus offer that is, 250$ theft insurance and lost and found tags. If you loss your valuables then the company will pay you 250 $ for this loss just to compensate for your loss. On the other hand, the company is offering you the tags that you can stick to your devices or valuables. Simply if you lose these items then these tags will help you and a company “Return Me” will quickly help you to buy it. It’s a service for life, for the customers or users of this wallet.

This wallet is water-resistant and has a good quality material used in it. With its jam-free zippers and durability, it ensures the peace of mind and safety as well. It has ripstop nylon that will protect you from wear and tear.

  • It has a perfect size
  • It is more durable
  • Soft and good quality straps
  • Too tight for fitting documents in it
  • Not contains many pockets.

6. Amazon basics RFID travel neck passport holder

This wallet is avilable in two colors to the customers by the brand Amazon basics. You will feel relax after keeping your documents in this wallet. It will keep them well organized, well managed, and safe. Its design is amazing and has a good look. It is slim and contains a shield for further protection. This shield is RFID blocking.

It ensures safety from unwanted scanning and keeps the cards safe and secure.

Separate compartments make it more comfortable for use. It has soft straps that are flexible too. Use these straps to adjust the length of the wallet and hang it around your neck. Its ID window and other pockets help in keeping the boarding passes.

It is water-resistant and keeps the stuff moisture-free. Its material is made of good quality and will never be like an old one. Use it on your trips and it will stand the test of time. It contains all the basic features needed for the security and safety of your documents.

It allows fast and quick access to your cash and documents when you need them the most. The straps are not too long nor too short and wallet size is of normal length that satisfies those customers who complain about too large or too small size of the wallets. Two side pockets are almost 5 or 4 inches long and wide respectively. It is best for travelling. Now move to the place of your choice and go to crowded places with ease and comfort. This wallet will protect your items. So, don’t worry about the documents and valuables.

  • Convenient and secure
  • Slim design allows to conceal it under shirts
  • Rfid blocking fails sometimes
  • Poor quality

7. Tarriss anti-theft wallet with RFID

This wallet offered by Tarriss with many features that are amazing as well as secure. These features ensure safety and give convenience to customers. To manage documents is a great concern for the travelers. But most of us get failed to arrange the documents and have to face the mess. But with this wallet, we ensure you a good organization of your documents.

With RFID blocking this wallet makes a shield that reduces or completely eradicates the chances of electronic thieves to harm you. RFID blocking is a crucial feature of many wallets nowadays. Because millions of travelers have become the victim of electronic theft. So this RFID blocking helps to get a piece of mind and guarantee safety. Especially designed anti-theft material in this wallet helps in keeping the documents and your money out of the reach of the stealers.

It has a slim design and allows the user to hide it beneath the shirt or clothes just to protect it from pickpockets. Now no one will be able to recognize that either you have a pouch or not. It is available in amazing colors with versatile and unique designs that offer durability and safety.

Now protect your documents and money at events, festivals, during shopping, and traveling abroad. Move in crowded and rushy areas with comfort and ease. Don’t worry about the thieves. They will not be able to recognize your wallet or pouch if it is beneath the clothes.

  • Very useful
  • Many pockets and is spacious
  • Comfortable neck statches
  • 3 passports fit in it easily
  • Very safe and secure due to RFID blocking
  • Poor design
  • Two bulky to carry along

8. Alpine Rivers Neck wallet travel pouch and passport holder

This is the most amazing wallet with the best features and five bonus sleeves offered by Alpine Rivers. This is modern era. Many people travel for business and other purposes. In such circumstances keeping a check on the documents is a big challenge. For this purpose we recommend you to use this wallet. It will keep the stuff organize and in place. So, you can have direct and quick access to your documents or money in need. With RFID blocking it doubles the security and blocks the way of electronic thieves. Thus it keeps your identity and credit cards safe. It has the latest RFID blocking.

It has a good design. You can gift it to someone special because it is durable as well as useful. It is a gift of great quality, design, comfort, and also has a beautiful color. This Neck wallet is heat and moisture resistant and keeps your documents safe and sound. It shows resistant towards wear and tear and contains good quality material. It is reliable and trustworthy. You can use it again and again in your travel to different places. Zippered pockets give a concealed setting that keeps the valuables in a more safer place. Now keep your valuables in a well managed and secure setup. Go to concerts, events, festivals, parties, airports, bazaars with no tension at all. Just wear it around the neck and feel safe. Have fun and enjoy without any problem or stress. Go and buy it. If it does not please you then the brand is offering a one-year money-back guarantee. So use it and check its quality.

  • Great quality
  • Perfect wallet
  • Good size
  • Not much spacious
  • Not have much pockets

9. Omystyle Rfid blocking passport holder travel neck pouch

This is a wallet offered by Omystyle. The brand ensures safety and ease. This wallet is suitable for travel. It has many noticeable features that satisfy the customer’s need. With its RFID blocking, it ensures the protection from electronic thieves. Your identity is safe now.

It is water and heat resistant and keep the documents sheltered in the best setup. It also has good quality stuff that makes the wallet more durable as well as reliable. With beautiful colors and many pockets, velcro patching, and ID Window it gives a good space for storing the things. This wallet has uses for multi-purposes and one can use it to store papers, money, and other valuable in just one place that is secure and shielded.

With adjustable hooks and best quality straps it makes it easier for users to adjust the length of wallet around the neck. Now you can hide it from the sight of viewers. Its slim design allows good coverage under the clothes.

Have you ever noticed that it is a very awkward situation when you are at a hotel or the airport and you have to hold a lot of things and paper in your hand? This wallet can reduce trouble for you. With this wallet have an immediate access to the documents when required. It has 5 pockets that make good management certain. High-quality material makes the wallet more valuable and worthy to buy.

  • A great passport holder
  • Many pockets
  • Suitable for international as well as local travels.
  • Safe and secure
  • Comfortable and good looking
  • A ribbon as a strap is not so trustworthy.

10. Hero neck wallet- RFID blocking passport holder

Well want to travel abroad but are you too worried about the security and management of your documents or credentials? Then, here is a good product offered by Hero Travel Supply. With multiple pockets and zippered pockets it allows the safety of your identity and passports.

With RFID blocking it prevents unnecessary scanning and made it difficult for the thieves to have access to your ID. Now move from different places without any doubt of losing your cash and valuables. Rfid blocking is an amazing feature that is a basic necessity of today users or customers.

With many layers or pockets, it allows a great management of the stuff thus have access to credentials in no time. The product is available in different colors and has durability and is a trustworthy product from a trustworthy brand. Now travel in buses, trains, airplanes or crowded streets without any problem or loss.

Keep it away from the sight of thieves or pickpocketers by just masking it beneath the clothes or shirts. Adjust the straps of the wallet and hang it around the neck. It is not so bulky. The design is slim and comfortable. It is water-resistant as wells heat resistant and keep the credentials safe and sound. It keeps the papers secure from sweat and humidity. It can even enable the users to fit the largest iphones. It is 8-inches long and 5.5 inches wide. Both men and women can use it. So, use it and feel comfortable. The brand provides a lifetime guarantee to the users and allows replacement. It means that it has good quality stuff and the wallet can stand the test of time.

  • Safe for credentials
  • Anti-theft feature works great
  • A great product or an excellent neck wallet
  • Its a bit more expensive
  • Straps are not much durable.


We have given the review on almost 10 best travel neck wallets. So, have a look at the
features and buy the product of your choice. The most basic feature is RFID blocking and
it provides the best and secure shield. The multiple pockets and durability of the material
make the wallets more amazing for use. So read these reviews and make a choice.

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